To:      All Hamptons  Residents

From:   Hamptons Management Office

Dear Resident:

Once again we are trying to make everyone understand that Valet Trash pickup starts at 8:00pm every Sunday and ends on Thursday.  There is no pick up on Friday or Saturday on those days you must take your trash to the compactor.  If your trash isn’t picked up on the days scheduled please contact the office. Do not leave your trash outside for pick up on the next scheduled day.  This will only attract insects, rodents, stray animals and create a bad odor. Trash bins are to be taken inside on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of the resident to keep their trash bin clean. We will start charging a fine of up to $50.00 per incident if the Trash bins aren’t taken inside.  We will be monitoring those of you who leave your trash bins outside and will be adding a $50.00 charge on your account. 

Do not leave cartons or cardboard boxes outside by the Trash bin; they will not be picked up unless flattened.

We ask for everyone’s cooperation in making this a smooth and better transition.

Thank you,

Rick Limardo

Hamptons Management Office                                                                                                 

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